domenica 26 dicembre 2010

YGT life/3 - Christmas present

"Oh, topo, topo!
Se corri in tondo
come una trottola
non fai del moto:
sei solo in trappola."
T. Scialoja

(not yet)

sabato 25 dicembre 2010

YGT life/2 - bike evolution

I think I am the only YGT who run out of money both the first and the second month of salary.
Here the reason:

(the very first night, the only picture. Special lady's shoes - exclusive model, carbon sole)

(below here my past. You clearly see an evolution in the gear )

Here my favourite way to work, when my knee could still stand it (I've done it for real - back and forth!) :


An idea of what I see:

For one hour (two a day) I am in another world - a surreal one, so beautiful, so different from the Holland I knew and dislike.
Then I get in the office, check the email, go to the kitchen, have coffee with the section, go back, sit, work. Wait for the way back.
The first day I cycled in they asked me during coffee why I lwas looking so happy. I was all red, and sleepy. But the back of the mind was all full with the salty freshness or the air, the lunar image of the dunes. I was glowing.

(the long way is particularly amusing at night, when the only thing I see is the back light of the irish housemate, and lots of rabbits keep jumping on the road while I'm passing - adventurous)

here you find the original website, including an english version ( I liked the italian more). Maybe one day I'll get to these bikes.

YGT life/1 - blizzard

fotografie, pezzi, ricordi caotici della mia vita di YGT. Per fissarne alcuni, in questo mio anno felice in un posto privilegiato. Mancano tutti i primi 3 mesi di introduzione.

Snowstorm today. The sky dark grey, just the west edge burnt by the sunset (dark purple where the flames meet the sky).
Estec sent us an email "leave early, be careful".
I will leave Estec at four, after a stop at the coffee corner and a snowball fight with the others YGT, on a private bus that mamma Estec organized for us to bring us back to Leiden.
I feel so priviledged.

(the picture is a random one, but the most similar I could find)